The need to remain constantly in touch and online is one of the most interesting lifestyle changes of our modern lives. Whether it is to update our Facebook and twitter status, to read emails or to have a flutter on out latest mobile scratchieapps, the smartphone has become integral to our daily lives.

The online gambling industry has been seriously upgraded with advanced mobile apps powering some of our preferred scratchcard and poker games. It is getting easier and more fun to play and win our traditional scratchies as all that needs to be done in order to win instant cash prizes is to touch a button.

The extent of smartphone integration into the regular mobile phone market is fascinating as the pace at which the smartphone is taking over regular mobile phones is hard to keep up with.

In new data released from Nielsen research firm it shows that every 2 out of 3 U.S. phone buyers in the last three months chose to purchase a smartphone. The growth of U.S. smartphone growth has reached an incredible 54.9% of all subscribers.

Android still has the largest U.S market share according to Nielson with over 51.8%. Apple’s iPhone is in second place with 34.3%. RIM’s BlackBerry continues to struggle with only 8.1% market share.

Presently Android seems to be dominant in other key markets such as France, Germany, U.K., Australia, Spain and Italy. This was confirmed in research released by ComTech which releases data that Android has made up over half of total smartphone sales sold in the last four months.

The days of smartphones only being for the high-end market are over. Smartphone manufactures are well aware of the ever growing demand for their products and are releasing smartphones that compete with regular mobile phone devices. The availability of smartphones to the masses has meant that many industries like the mobile scratchcard market are enjoying unprecedented growth.

The indications are that mobile devices like smartphones are going to become the default choice for many mobile users worldwide. We in the online scratchcard market can only attest to the improvement of our gaming experience through mobile scratchie apps. With the smartphone market continuing to dominate the mobile industry we can only look forward to many more people joining the mobile gambling world.

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