Scratchmania Release New “Diamonds” Online Scratch Card Game

One of the earth’s most precious and sought after natural resources is that of diamonds. There is nothing like the sparkle and allure of different colored and unique shapes of mother earth’s treasures. Scratchmania have managed to create an original online scratch card called “Diamonds” that features some eye-catching variations of these precious stones.

What is interesting is that some of these diamonds on display are actually based on some of the most famous diamonds. These include the 970 carat Excelsior Diamond that was found way back in 1893. Another beautiful stone is the 545 carat Golden Jubilee that was found in 1985.

The aim of this sparkling scratch card is simple. In order to win up to £100,000 all you need to do is to match one of the diamonds on the six squares to the Lucky Diamond.

The graphics in Diamonds scratch card are slick and luxurious feeling. With all this bling on offer Scratchmania enable everyone to scratch and win with bets ranging from as low as £0.50 and can go up to £10. This latest online scratchie is a great addition to Scratchmania’s suite of scratchies and slots that they have been coming out with it. If you are looking to get some free cash then Scratchmania have a free £7 Welcome Offer with no cash deposit necessary waiting for you.

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