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Affordable and easy to play scratchies are the favorite choice of many as you can start scratching away in seconds. SpinandWin offer some excellent basic scratchies which is exactly what many look for when playing online games. Today we will review two good examples of entertaining and colorful scratchies.

The first scratchie is Egyptian Princess which is based on the fascinating Ancient Egyptian culture. The entire game has Cleopatra in the background with Pyramids serving as the scratch icons. The graphics are good and attention to detail is impressive. The aim of Egyptian Princess is simple. In order to win just chose the amount you wish to bet and start scratching away. To win just match 3 identical multipliers and toy win the amount indicated.Betting starts from a low £0.10 and goes up to £10. The maximum jackpot is 50x your bet which is a great way to multiply you cash.

The second online scratchie is Fairy Flutter which is an enchanting fantasy scratch game that takes you to a world of beautiful fairies who surround you while you have a flutter. What is particularly appealing is the soothing relaxing music in the background which together with the heavenly graphics succeeds in providing an excellent online gaming escape. The object of Fairy Flutter is simple as all you need to do is to match 3 identical symbols and you win. Once again betting could not be more affordable as bets start at £0.10 and at a minimum and £10 as a maximum. Fairy Flutter provides you the chance to turn your flutter into a magical one that can multiply your bet by up to 50 times!

Both these scratchies offered by SpinandWin are the ideal way to have an enjoyable and rewarding flutter while not needing to layout loads of cash.

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