Scratchgames Release Newest Online Scratch Card “Fortune Teller”

If you are looking to change your destiny then having a flutter on online gambling is the easiest and best way to gamble when you choose. Online scratch cards are considered by many as the ideal entrance ticket to casino gambling. While offering massive instant jackpots they do not require you to layout loads of your hard earned cash. With times tough for al there are still affordable gambling options which offer you the chance to change your fortunes in a second.

Scratchgames are a great PariPlay powered online scratch card and slots site that are dedicated to providing the most entertaining and rewarding social gambling experience you could wish for. They have just released their brand new scratchie called “Fortune Teller” In this clever game you get to see what the future holds for you. As you enter this fantasy scratch game you are presented with a fortune teller who is waiting with her tarot cards and crystal ball. The aim of “Fortune Teller” is simple.

All you need to do to walk away an instant winner is to match 2 identical cards. If you succeed you could walk away with the dream jackpot prize of £100,000. The graphics are great and the tarot cards include the dagger of destiny, shooting star ,book of spells, dark moon and candle of knowledge just to mention a few.

This scratch game has an aura of mystery and intrigue. The thought of changing your destiny with a single tarot card is appealing to all. With bets starting from as low as £0.1 and going as high as £10 mean that there are gaming options for all levels of players. Scratchgames give you the best chance to gaze into the crystal ball with their free £7 Welcome Bonus which is there for the taking with no strings attached. Overall Fortune Teller is a entertaining and pleasant scratchie to play and win with.

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