While gambling is an integral part of many of our lives, there is a growing controversy over the latest marketing tactic by high-street stores who are offering their online shoppers the chance to gamble on their online shopping purchases.

Affordable gambling like scratch cardsis accessible to all with the developments of online scratch cards. These days the ability to sit at home and play any one of many scratch cards are making them the hottest gambling choice in the market.

Major retailers like Sainsbury’s and Boots are amongst the over 150 stores who have started offering their online shoppers the chance to gamble £1 in order to win their entire purchases with the aid of a roulette wheel.

Scratch cards offer the benefit of having one of the highest payout rations in the gambling world. Major scratch card sites like Winnersisland.com ensure that 1 in every 3 games is a winner.

The concept is simple with customers opening up an account with a gaming company. When the online shoppers find an item they wish to purchase in the store catalogs they are presented with option of either to play or to shop. Should they choose to play then £1 is deducted from their account.

The roulette wheel then comes into play and should the ball land on red then the online shopper wins the item. Should it not fall on red they are technically not required to buy the object but are given enticing incentives that offer free spins and big discounts of future purchases.

The company behind this marketing idea is Yipiii Gaming who are based in Malta and as such are exempted them from any UK regulation.

The founder of Yipiii, Christoph Kingler told the Mail that he believes his scheme is suited for the UK market who love to have a flutter. Yipiiis here to benefit British consumers, not mislead them in any way.

Major retailers have come under increasing pressure from politicians and religious groups who fear that the presence of gambling in marketing online shopping could have negative consequences for the public. Major retailers like Marks and Spencer, Asda, Sainsbury’s and others have already announced their intention to abandon this scheme.

The need to gamble while shopping online could easily be replaced by responsible gambling like scratch cards that start with ridiculously low prices.  There seems no need to dabble in dubious online gambling schemes when scratch card sites offer a safe and responsible chance to win millions in scratch card jackpots.

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