Have you ever thought of what it would be like to become an instant millionaire from a scratchcard. Well for a Paul Pasquarosa from the U.S. this dream came true as he managed to match three red words on the Cashword scratchcard lottery ticket.

You ask yourself what could spoil an adrenalin rush and life changing moment? Well the “lucky” scratch card winner soon realized that his winning ticket was one of 2,200 Cashword tickets that had a misprint and with this Pasquarosa’s ecstasy turned to disappointment. Pasquarosa had already called his son to share what he thought was the life changing million dollar scratchcard jackpot.

A despondent Pasquarosa contacted his lawyer George Miller who stated,” At first glance I believe this gentleman won a million, but on a closer inspection I saw there was an offset in the printing.  Mr. Pasquarosa was not just disappointed, but visibly ill.”

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Miller expressed his concern and outrage at the mistake as many millions of people believe in the integrity and reliability of the lottery. He voiced what most of us would feel in a similar situation,” Is this a situation where there are a lot of defects being put out by the lottery?  If there is, should they be taking precautions to make sure they’re not giving hope to individuals being solicited by the lottery?”

In response to this serious bungle, the Massachusetts Lottery put out a statement for anyone with a defective ticket to contact them. Needless to say this response does not do much to calm the many angry and skeptical public who believe in the reliability and integrity of the lottery.

For those looking to avoid such bad luck, it is well worth forgetting about the traditional scratchcards and progressing onto modern-day online scratch cards that make playing and winning easy and enjoyable.

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