Scratch Cards Used To Combat Illegal Marijuana Plantations In Netherlands

Illegal cannabis cultivation in the Netherlands is a growing problem. While many associate Amsterdam with legal marijuana, the authorities have a growing problem of criminal organizations cultivating illegal cannabis which is estimated to be worth over 2.2 billion euros. The fact that a large proportion of this amount is in criminal hands has led to a nationwide campaign using scratch cards.

The ways it works is simple yet ingenious. Marijuana-scented scratch cards are being distributed to citizens in an attempt to help them identify the smell of marijuana. The hope is that citizens will with the aid of these scented scratch cards report suspicious activities from their neighbors to authorities. This program is not new and was tried in a pilot project three years ago.

The Netherlands has become well known for their high quality cannabis that is grown with hydroponics technology. According to authorities there are over 30,000 illegal nurseries in the Netherlands which are found in cellars, attics, garages and even entire houses.

The police are happy with the increase in reports in the cities where these scratch cards were distributed and hope to close more illegal marijuana nurseries.

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