It is always interesting that even in tough economic times social forms of gambling like online scratchcards and horse racing are still popular.

The fact that one can still afford to engage in a fun pastime like scratch cards that can offer affordable and yet lucrative prize payouts is the key to their longevity.

In an interesting interview on BBC Today, Managing Director if Cheltenham racecourse Edward Gillespie told Simon Jack the Today host that despite tough economic times gambling has increased and more and more people are betting on racing.

Cheap gambling formats like scratchcards remain an attractive option for millions who enjoy the timeless scratch format.
This comes on the latest estimates of 230,000 people who are expected to visit Cheltenham racecourse next week for its annual racing festival.

Responding to questions about connections with bookmakers, Gillespie stated that bookies were exploiting loopholes in order not to pay the levy to the horse racing industry by moving their online operations overseas.

Gillespie stated that the industry is hoping to introduce measures to introduce a licensing scheme which could be up within a year.

It seems that online scratch cards are an ideal example of how one can still engage in profitable social gambling while not laying out loads of cash.

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