The world of online scratch cards has never been so exciting due to a court ruling by the US Dept. of Justice recently which has given new optimism for major online gambling players.

Until recently all US online scratch card players were not allowed to scratch and win in their country. Well as the days go by it seems impossible to stop the global tidal wave of online scratch cards reaching the US.

Scratch cards are a proven winning gambling format as millions of global online scratch card players can attest to.

Online scratch cards are the ideal manner to enter the lucrative world of online gambling. The scratch card format is a universal one which makes market penetration easy for all potential online scratch card operators.

There have been some very interesting marketing strategies adopted by leading online poker operators. As all of our readers are aware the US Justice Department’s new stance on the Wire Act of 1961 has thrown the U.S. online gambling market into a spiral.

Not a day goes by that we do not hear about a new interested party trying to capitalize on the gambling market opening up.

One of the hardest hit gambling sectors over the past few months was the online poker sites who were shut down by the federal government on what has become known as Black Friday.

The new stance of the Justice department has revived the online poker sites as there is a good possibility that the feral ban will be overturned.

In order to capitalize on this new situation many leading poker sites have decided to re launch their existing sites with new branding.

Yatahay Poker Networks one such online poker network which now accepts US players. It has rebranded itself as the Winning Poker Network .It has overhauled their web site and the new site features skins like 5Dimes and True Poker.

The Yatahay network was one of the online poker sites seized by the DOJ in May 2011.

Another brand to change their name is Action Poker Network which has morphed into Chico Poker Network. Bodog Poker has been rebranded as Bovada Poker.

Chico and Winning Poker Network are among a group of online poker networks that accept US players. Others include Everleaf Gaming Network, CakePoker Network and Merge Gaming Network.

There is no doubt that the year 2012 is going to be a year that we online scratch card players will not forget. The winning potential and appeal of online scratch cards cannot be denied and we look forward to the scratch card community growing to include all countries.

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