The online gambling market is undergoing tremendous changes with particular emphasis on the U.S. market due to the legal developments after the Justice Department’s ruling on the Wire Act.

Online scratch cards are a good example of what awaits U.S. online gamblers should the legal uncertainty be clarified.

U.S. online players will hopefully soon be able to join the online scratch card community. Why should only some of us enjoy winning instant life changing jackpots on scratch cards?

Scratch cards provide millions of people worldwide the chance of playing online games with very little cash layout and potential big reward payouts.

The current situation is still unclear and the last four months have been a death nail for the online poker industry in the U.S.

Due to what is now infamously known as Black Friday where federal authorities shut down online poker sites unilaterally and froze all their operations, many online poker operators are wary before investing again in the U.S.

Many big online poker operators are now looking for other regions to promote their internet sites and one of the main markets that are been looked at are developing nations.

According to a report by Media Entertainment Consulting network (MECN) many online gambling operators have set their sights on Asian countries and on India in particular as future potential markets.

Online scratch cards have proven to be popular with many online gamblers as their format is simple and there is no need for any particular skills in order to start scratching and inning.

The increase in demand by online poker players in poker rooms such as PokerStars in the subcontinent is proof according to a report by 2UP of the huge potential in these markets.

Already in September 2011 a management group from 2UP visited India where they were looking to tap the potential of a market estimated at $50 billion. Gambling is currently illegal in India and the question of online poker is uncertain.

Other developing markets include South America where the economic crisis of the last few years has prompted regions to legalize online poker. Countries like Guyana already have links with Barbados and Antigua which are firmly established in the online gambling market.

Whether you prefer online poker or online scratch cards, let’s hope that everyone will enjoy the winning  feeling of scratch cards and online poker in the coming months.

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