There has been lots of positive vibes coming out of the U.S. scratch card market. It seems that now more than ever various States are in the process of looking to the scratchcard world to improve their state’s welfare opportunities.

Washington D.C. Council has repealed the Internet gambling law as it has not been put through sufficient public scrutiny.
The council voted overwhelmingly 10-2 to reverse the legislation that in effect legalized online gambling.
The clause which allows online gambling was added in a spending bill in 2010 with what at the time was described as a “non-traditional” games option.

Online scratch card games are an ideal updated version of the classic scratchcard you would buy at your corner store. With the event of online scratchcards you are able to enjoy this traditional  scratch card game from your own home.

Concerns were raised by Councilman Tommy Wells who voiced his concern that many council members had no idea what they were voting on when they voted to approve the internet gambling in 2010.

Wells said that the phrasing “Internet gambling” was never mentioned ,” “They used word ‘I-gambling.’ … We voted as a city, and decided as a city, that we didn’t want slots. … It has to go through a public process. This didn’t go through a public process, but it’s slots.”

If this Bill was upheld it would have made D.C. the first U.S. state to legalize online gambling.

Taxation from online scratch cards would enable many states to build more schools and hospitals from scratch card revenues which would otherwise have to be raised through tax hikes.

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