Scratch Card Winnner At Shrewsbury Asda Supermaket

The chance to spend a few bucks on a scratchie is always a worthwhile purchase as another story of a winner surfaces. A six sum figure was reportedly won by a middle aged man at an Asda supermarket in Shrewsbury. The story has an interesting twist to it as the scratch ticket winner still remains anonymous. The story surfaced after the reported winner approached a charity collector for Guide Dogs for the Blind and promptly showed him the winning ticket before proceeding to cash in his winnings at a post office.

The charity collector Mr Murphy said that the man approached him with the scratch ticket in hand and said,” I bet you would like this’” with which he replied, “What is it, £50,000?’ He said ‘No, £250,000!”

In the midst of his win the lucky scratch card winner and his wife decided to sponsor a puppy for the charity. Details of the winner are still scarce as the National Lottery has the Data Protection Act in play which is designed to protect customers. The fortunate winner was also spotted by a shopper in Asda who was standing behind him in the queue and overheard Asda staff congratulating him and sending him to the post office to process his huge win.

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