The future of online gambling and scratch cards is widely believed to be in the field of mobile scratch card apps being directly targeted to smartphone and tablet users.

Current lifestyle trends dictate that scratch card sites operators need to react to the ever expanding smartphone popularity amongst many of us.

As the mobile smartphone rivalry between Apple and Samsung heats up, Samsung has made quite a bold claim today when stating that they have sold over 5 million Galaxy Notes since its launch five months ago.

This smartphone is quite contentious as it features a 5.3 inch screen and stylus which many were skeptical of its ability to attract smartphone users.

According to Samsung the Galaxy Note was reportedly also ranked No. 1 in the Spanish, French and Chinese markets.
Global “scratchcard” players are in the forefront of gambling technology with the use of mobile scratch card apps being so popular.

Some have questioned the accuracy of these figures as there is small fine print in Samsung’s disclaimers which defines units shipped and not necessarily purchased by customers. There is the real possibility that many so called sold smartphones are actually sitting in retail warehouses and not in the hands of consumers.

The scratch card industry has succeeded in delivering the ultimate mobile online scratch card gaming experience to all Mobile platforms.

It should also be noted that this is not the first time that Samsung has made interesting statements about their product sales. They made such similar statements regarding their Galaxy Tab Android tablet computers which were also brought into question after admitting to lower sales then previously quoted.

The ongoing technology rivalry between smartphone manufacturers is only bringing us better and more advanced portable devices with which to access and win big bucks on our online scratch cards.

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