The rivalry between Apple and Samsung in the smartphone industry is legendary as they both seek to dominate one of the fastest and most lucrative markets in the world. While their respective market shares are constantly changing, Samsung’s latest release of their Galaxy S III may have given them the advantage over Apple’s iPhone.

Smartphones have become the ideal tool to power mobile gambling apps like scratchies which are ideally suited for all smartphone platforms.
It is amazing to see how traditional scratch cards have been adapted into mobile versions which succeed in not only maintain the classic scratch game magic but even enhancing them with cutting-edge mobile technology.

According to a recent poll in Reuters it was reported that over the 36 analysts questioned over who had the best second quarter earnings, most of them predicted that Samsung would be in top position.

Samsung thanks to their latest Galaxy S III release is estimated to have sold over 50 million phone s in the past three months with Apple only selling 30.2 million phones.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III has proven to be a bestseller with over 10 million units estimated to sell in July alone.This 50 million figure predicted by analysts has got many raising their eyebrows as if it is correct it would mean that Samsung has succeeded in selling more phones in the last three months than it has sold Galaxy S phones over the last two years.

Apple would be concerned if these forecasts are proven to be correct. However the impending release of Apple’s new iPhone in the coming months could once again put them in the driver’s seat.

With smartphones improving by the day, the mobile scratchie can only improve. For many of us the only playing option for our scratch cards is becoming portable devices like that of smartphones and tablets.

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