Samsung has produced a record 76% Net profit rise in the 4th quarter 2012 to reach over $6.6 billion. With their success comes an unexpected headache for Samsung. While they reported a 58% year-on-year revenue growth for 2012 this is way down from the 82% in the third quarter. This according to Wall Street Journal means that they are essentially running out of consumers for their high-end smartphones.

This problem is also facing Apple as both manufacturers would prefer to concentrate in high-end smartphones as profit margins are much bigger than standard phones. In an effort to address this issue both Samsung and Apple are reportedly planning on focusing on lower end phones where growth is much easier in newer areas. This will be critical for Samsung as their phone sales made up over 60% of their record $52 .6 billion Q4 2012 revenues.

Smartphones like the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 with their giant screens and advanced features make online gambling easier and more convenient than ever before. Just whip out your phone and you have a mobile casino in the palm of your hand.

It remains to be seen  if any other device will be able compete with the portable power of mobile smartphones which are controlling every aspect of our lives ranging from mobile gambling to online shopping.

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