We have aware of how online scratchcardscan take you on soaring heights but the following partnership takes the scratchcard to another level.

Ryanair and online gaming provider 888.com have announced a new partnership that will involve the airline offering bingo, poker, casino and sports betting on its website.

Who could ask for more than flying high in the skies while getting the chance to dabble in your scratch cards.

According to Stephen McNamara, Head of Communications,” Ryanair already delivers Europe’s lowest airfares and with 888.com we now deliver the best online gaming entertainment to half a billion annual visitors to Ryanair.com,”
The idea is simple as customers will have the opportunity to win flight vouchers on the website.

” The world’s first poker tournaments featuring Ryanair flight vouchers as prize money are sure to excite gaming and travel fans throughout Europe who will also find casino, bingo and sportsbetting on Ryanair.com.”

Ryanair believes that the partnership with 888.com will boost their customers flying experiences with exciting casino games to keep them entertained. The new partnership will also help Ryanair maintain its position as one of the lowest airfare providers in Europe with over 80 million passengers.

There is no doubting that scratchcards like Postcard can literally take you on a  world journey through a simple scratch card.

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