The mobile smartphone market is highly competitive. Scratch cards are one example of how the mobile smartphone industry has revolutionized the way scratch card players approach their traditional scratchies.

The mobile smartphone apps have made smartphone manufacturers the popular choice for many scratchcard players.
The year 2011 was a year that BlackBerry-maker RIM would rather forget.

They had structural changes and the infamous major technical glitch problems which resulted in a major global disruption in their services.

RIM is battling to keep up with their competitors Apple and Samsung who are the market leaders. There have been recent reports in Slashdog that Rim could be taking some desperate marketing strategy to try and capture some of the Mobile phone market share from their competitors.

This  rumor is based on the fact that RIM’s BlackBerry App World store has introduced a new adult rating system which includes graphic sexual content, graphic nudity ,graphic violence and gambling apps.

This is a highly controversial move as Apple has a no-porn policy on the App store.
It seems that RIM has realized what millions of global scratch card fans already know. It is impossible deny the massive market of online gambling.

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