Reveal Your Fortune In “Zodiac” Online Scratch Card Game

There are few online casino games that have the potential to adapt to so many different types of themes like those of scratch cards. These classic scratch tickets are the ideal platform to promote just about anything you could imagine. Zodiac is a perfect example of an online scratchie that delivers the love of astrology with that of winning gambling options. We all desire to know what the stars have in store for us.

With the “Zodiac” scratchie you give yourself a great chance to change your luck as it is an established fact that scratch tickets payout more frequently than other gambling formats. With Zodiac you put yourself in line to win up to £25,000 in a single scratch. To start playing and winning is as easy as matching two or more zodiac signs to the chosen star.

Believe it or not you can start playing with only £1.50 which means that there are no excuses for not challenging your luck. The look and feel  to Zodiac scratch game are simple but effective in creating a high paying but low cost scratch game.Zodiac is yours to play at online casinos like bet-at-home who are one of the most respected casino operators in the market.

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