With electioneering in the U.S. reaching fever pitch it is no surprise that politicians are trying everything to get the vote. One of the issues recently raised was that of online gambling. Since last year the U.S. online gambling market is in the process of change. The historic decision of the Justice Department on the Wire Act of 1961 has led to many states pushing for legislation aimed at legalizing online gambling. One the leading states is that of Nevada who have made the most progress so far.

As to be expected there are always politicians who want to spoil the party. According to report the Republican Party’s manifesto contains an anti-online gambling clause.

This is in line with what Republicans terms as a return to family values which are been eroded by gambling addictions. In reaction to the anti-online gambling policy of the Republicans, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval was quick to react and stated emphatically that it would not deter the state from continuing to pursue their push for online poker legislation by the end of the year.

He was backed up by Nevada Gaming Control Board chairman Mark Lipparelli who stated what most forward thinking people think in that it is pointless to ignore the market realities. Online gambling exists and it is just a question of whether the online gaming revenues go to state coffers or offshore operators.
We hope that cooler heads will prevail and that each state will be allowed to pursue online gamblingin a responsible manner that enables both the state and online player to benefit.

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