Record Mobile Win At William Hill Of £866,346

There is no market more exciting in the gambling world than that of the mobile devices.  All major casino brands have realized that the next frontier in online gambling is not in the PC field but on those smartphones and tablet devices that have invaded our daily lives. There is nothing like walking around with a portable casino which is available twenty four hours a day whenever the urge to have a flutter overtakes us.

William Hill are one of the largest and most trusted bookmakers in the UK and their mobile focus is paying off in the numbers of punters choosing this method to win big. Their latest mobile winner is breaking records as it is the largest reported mobile payout from a bookmaker. A lucky 33 year-old Wakefield forklift driver has won £866,346 on Cop the Lot Slot game after betting only £6. This new record breaking jackpot beats the previous record of £341,259 by a long way.

William Hill Spokesman, Joe Crilly stated,” This is our biggest ever mobile payout and is probably the biggest win in the history of mobile gaming. There is no doubt that we will see our very first mobile millionaire soon.”

The identity of the mystery jackpot winner is unknown as they prefer to remain anonymous. The player was in such shock after the win that he turned his phone off and on to verify that there was no malfunction. He was quoted as saying,” I had to turn my phone off and then turn it back on again because I thought there had been a malfunction. I just could not believe it. I cannot explain how I felt as I just went numb.”

There is no doubt that the mobile gambling market will only grow as devices are continuously getting faster and cheaper making them within reach for all of us. To think that only a few years ago the notion of gambling with a touch of a button on a phone was unthinkable.

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