The mobile sector is seen as the next frontier in the gambling world. Many traditional casinos are looking to cash in on the ever growing mobile market which shows no sign of slowing down. With social networks getting to be over saturated, the mobile market is seen as a largely untapped resource.

Many UK and global casino companies are looking to increase their online presence with social casino games which are also ideal to convert into mobile gaming options.

One such player is RANK Group who are a leading European gaming and Betting company based in the UK. They have just announced that they intend to offer social games on Facebook sometime during 2012/13. They have invested over £6.4 million on their UK website development alone with focus in tablet and social gaming development.

They produced stellar growth in their mobile media division which recorded a 158% increases revenue during 2011/12.Over 30% of their UK customers were engaging one of their brands via mobile devices.

Rank Group posted a 3% increase in gross revenues for the year ended in June 30 with revenues of £600.5 million. With their recent online and mobile gaming licenses issued in Spain they are looking to establish their brand even further.

The entry of traditional casinos into the social gaming arena is one which we have been following closely. There is no way to get around the fact that for many, online gambling is as socially acceptable and fun as their other social games. Mobile gaming has meant that we all have the chance to indulge in our favorite scratchies, slots and poker apps with the same ease as dialing a friend.

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