Rainbow Treasures Tests Your Luck In A Scratchie

The luck of the Irish is legendary and features heavily in folklore. Scratchmania have recently released an entertaining online scratchie called Rainbow Treasures that is based on a popular theme. Leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow feature in many online slots and scratch games. Scratchmania’s latest attempt is pretty good but does not blow your socks away. The game is simple as you are greeted with a leprechaun with 3 closed pots. The aim of Rainbow Treasures is to choose the pot with the gold in. Once you do that you are a winner and can walk away with up to £100,000. I enjoyed the look and feel of the game and the overall playing sensation is pretty cool and if you are looking for a straightforward, no frills attached scratchie it will suffice. If you are looking for any unique bonus rounds or features you won’t find any here. The good news is that you can start betting for under 1 pound which makes trying your luck well worth it.

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