Lotteries are still among the favorite and most played gambling pastimes around the world. While your chance to win is remote, the fact remains that ordinary people like you and me do actually win mind boggling amounts. Every day we read reports about average working class people who spent a few pounds on a lotto ticket and lo and behold they become the next news item.

The winner of the August 15 Powerball jackpot was announced as a 44 year-old former Michigan road worker. The 44 year old Donald Lawson came forward to claim his $337 million once in a lifetime jackpot prize at a news conference on Friday.

Lawson chose the option of a lump sum of $224.6 million. The lucky ticket was bought at a gas station in Lapeer, north of Detroit. As one would expect Lawson quit his job after winning this dream cash prize.

Global lotteries are now available to anyone with online lottery services which enable all of us to participate in major lotteries like that of the Powerball jackpot and EuroMillions. Services like do all the work for you as they buy a lotto ticket in the country you choose. The ticket is then scanned and available for you to see. All is entirely legal and safe as they have one of their local representatives on the ground.It has never been so easy to take part in record breaking lotto draws with cash prizes that can reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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