Playtech is a leader in online arcade games. It has just announced the release of two new games which each feature unique features.

Medusa’s Gaze is the first game. This awesome arcade game is based on the well known Gorgon from Greek Mythology whose gaze allegedly turned people into stone.

Medusa takes center stage in this arcade game with four circular sections revolving independently around her. There are 8 radial sections which form 12 paylines. Each cell has a tile of a specific color.

The aim of this arcade game is to form 3 to 8 tiles of the same color on a payline.
When you win Medusa turns the winning tiles to stone and they magically disappear. The tiles of different colors have different values ranging from red at 0.1 to 150.The orange tiles at the top payout from 4 to 10,000.The white tile represents the wild.

The second new game is Wheel of Light which is quite similar to a game titled Spin A Win. In this arcade game the wheel has numbers ranging from 1 to 30 and 0.
Betting is varied and can be placed on any of the 31 numbers. The number spread bet is placed on one of the five number ranges.

The Hi Bet range covers 16 to 30 and the Lo bet ranges from 1 to 15.Even bet covers even numbers and Odd bets cover odd numbers, To play the players select a chip of the desired value and click on one of the designated areas on the wheel to place the bet.

The odds are indicated as the cursor is moved over different placement areas. Players can place multiple bets on a single spin.

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