Play War Games With “Tank Commander” Online Scratch Card Game

Playing war games is made possible with the instant win scratch card game “Tank Commander” Not only do you get to blow things up you get the chance to win up to £100,000 on the way.

I have not come across such an entertaining scratch game like “Tank Commander” for a while. As you start playing you see a forest with a grid on it. Immediately you get the feel of being in a war like situation. The forest has many targets which are placed on the grid. As the tank commander you get to no less than 10 chances to let rip and hit a target. Should you succeed in hitting the targets then you are  a winner.

The targets you get to blow up and destroy include air strips, convoys, towers and tanks. The bulls eye with which you aim is great and  looks like a real live photo. This online scratchie is action packed by itself and the fact that you get to play from as little as £0.25 and go as high as £10 only adds to the action.

The attention to detail in “Tank Commander” is impressive especially the detailed grid which looks like the real thing. I have not had so much fun in a while just for blowing up things. Added to that is the fact that you can win a dream £100,000 jackpot on the way.

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