Play Eight Scratchies In “Scratch Card Compendium” From 888games

As part of our shopping routine so many of us always reach for scratch cards at the counter. The assortment is always interesting and we are attracted by the various colors and themes that these scratch tickets can take.  The option of enjoying these scratchies is now available online from the comfort of your home or even mobile phone. This is the ideal way to enjoy our classic scratch games without having to move from our homes.

888games has collected a suite of games and combined no less than 8 of these scratch cards in a single online game called “Scratch Card Compendium”.
As you start playing this one stop scratch game compendium you will instantly feel as though you are at your corner outlet with all the 8 scratch tickets on display.

The playing options range from scratch games that are based on bingo, roulette, poker, blackjack and even sports themed games like Olympic Cash and Shotz.
Scratch Bingo is a combination of bingo and scratch games in a £100,000 game. Scratch Blackjack lets you try your luck with the classic blackjack in a simple scratchie that can make you £100,000 richer.

For poker fans there is even “Scratch Poker” that has a dream jackpot of £150,000.If roulette is your game then Scratch Roulette is the one for you with over £108,000 on offer as the jackpot prize.

For Sports fans there is the Scratch Shotz which is based on football. Here again you can score big as there is also £100,000 on offer.For those looking for more traditional scratchies there is Gold Rush and Fruit Frenzy which also have the same £100,000 jackpot on offer.

A common thread in all of these scratchies is their simplicity as all you need to do is to choose how much you want to bet for and start scratching. If we are talking about betting then believe it or not you can start playing from as little as £0.50 and with certain games bets can go as high as £200.

Scratch Card Compendium” is a one stop terminal for anyone looking to enjoy classic high paying scratchies in a single game. The fact that everything from casino-based to sports games are on offer makes this multi-scratch game offering a must play.

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