Pensioner Wins $20,000 On A Toilet Scratchie

Scratchies are a national pastime down under and have become part of the national culture. For a Whyalla man he took his scratchies so seriously that he scratched away while sitting on the toilet no less. It turned out that despite the surroundings his scratchie turned out to be nothing but rosy as he won $20,000 from an Instant Win $1 ticket purchased at George Avenue Deli in Whyalla Norrie. “When I saw I’d won $20,000 I got the fright of my life. I just yelled out that I’d won, I couldn’t believe it.”

Like so many of us the local pensioner purchased the scratchie with spare change he had from the shops. He was quoted as saying that he never actually purchases scratch tickets as he thought not too many people win. In fact he even felt bad or his lucky win,” I almost feel bad for people who do buy tickets regularly because I bought the winning one. I don’t normally play and have always said I reckon nobody wins.”

Good times are ahead for the winner as he plans to purchase a second hand car and put some cash in the bank. He summed up his winning scratch card experience,” There was a lot of happiness and tears.”

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