PariPlay’s “Monte Carlo Classic” Online Slots Game

Monte Carlo Classic is a simple and straight forward 3-reel slot that is a throwback to the classic slots. The idea of this slot game is simple as there are eight different icons on the reels which range from strawberries to the “7’s”. There are no bonus features or any other added features which many people don’t particularly like.

Monte Carlo Classic Slots offers a jackpot of £100,000 with playing instructions that are simple for anyone to play. All it takes is for you to decide how much you want to bet and click “SPIN’. There is no need to layout loads of cash as bets start £0.05 and can go as high as £10. There is also the option of choosing your bet level from 1-3 coins. It is always recommend to play the maximum betting amount and coins in order to win the top jackpot prize.

All in all Monte Carlo Classic is aimed at anyone looking for the classic slots experience. If you are looking for spectacular graphics and bonus rounds then you will be disappointed. The bottom line is that like all of Pariplay powered online slots and scratch card games, the jackpots on offer are always a minimum of £100.000 which makes any online game well worth a flutter.

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