“Over the Rainbow” Online Slot From Ladbrokes

If you are looking for a classic retro online slots game, then Ladbrokes have some excellent simple games to enjoy. One of their new releases is called “Over the Rainbow”. This 3 reel slot offers you the chance to win up x2000 your bet.

The theme of this slot is based on the legend of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which has always kept many of us awake at night dreaming of such a win. Playing “Over the Rainbow” is uncomplicated and the rules are easy to understand. First of all the good news is that bets range from as low as £0.25 which means anyone can enjoy an affordable entry into the online world of slots.

For those looking to earn the maximum jackpot there is always the option of betting the maximum which in this game is £25. Bearing in that you can win up to x2000 your bet , there is a massive £50,000 on offer which is achieved when you trigger pots of gold in a row.

The overall look to “Over the Rainbow” slot is that of what you’d see in a traditional casino. While not being too fancy many enjoy the appeal of the familiar slot machine.

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