With the U.S. in the midst of transforming their entire approach to gambling there are voices coming out warning against the legalization of online gambling on a wide spread basis. As we have been reporting the U.S. internet gambling debate has been in the spot light ever since last year when the Justice Department adopted a new stance on the Wire Act of 1961 which up till now was the stumbling block to legalizing internet gambling.

Since then there are many U.S. individual stats that are keen to capitalize on the new ruling in order to garner some much needed state funds from tax revenues.

A recent report in the Associated Press pointed out opposition to legalizing gambling coming from what is termed family-centric groups based in Minnesota and 12 other states. They are calling for Congress to block any attempts to legalize online gambling on a federal level claiming that the moral and social repercussions would cause much more damage than the tax revenues garnered from gambling taxation.

The groups come from States as far as Wisconsin, Kentucky, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Hawaii, Georgia and Tennessee.
While the debate rumbles on it seems that there needs to be a balance between the right o a citizen to gamble and that of a community to protect itself from the possible negative effects of heavy gambling.

It is here where many industry experts believe that the types of online gambling that could be acceptable to both sides could be that of scratch cards. While there is some truth to the claim that heavier types of gambling like poker do attract serious gamblers and could have negative social effects, there are lighter forms of gambling like scratchcards that are considered by all to be much less addictive. It is worth pointing out that many label online scratch gamesas more of a social type of gaming despite being played for real cash.

While there are concerns regarding economic ramifications of internet gambling, scratch cards have the ability to provide the man in the street a chance to scratch and win many scratchcard jackpots from as little as 10p. With entry bets starting so low it would be hard to find opponents to legalizing scratch cards.

Opponents of legalizing internet gambling could also be easily swayed to support online scratch games as they are considered by many as one of the most social games available   which makes them considerably less addictive that traditional gambling. It is widely accepted that millions enjoy their scratchies as part of their daily routine and not as a gambling activity.

The evidence of scratch cards been more social than gambling orientated can easily be seen in the myriad of scratch card themes available.

Unlike scratchcards poker does not have socially based themes that include anything from sports to romance and travel. It is hard to think of asocial pastime that is not covered in some sort of scratch game. For these reasons and more it not hard to understand why many are betting on lighter forms of gambling like scratch cards to set the ball rolling in the U.S. online gambling market.

We as responsible gamblers believe that there is common ground that can protect our communities from the negative impacts of gambling while providing socially responsible gambling options to the millions seeking it.

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