There is great news for online scratch cardplayers coming out of Spain. The Spanish National Gambling Commission will already start issuing online gambling licenses by the end of the March. This is an unexpected surprise as scratchcard devotees will enjoy their scratchies this earlier than expected.

His announcement by deputy general director Juan Carlos Alfonso is fantastic news of future online gambling license holders as it makes up for the delays that was caused due to bureaucracy concerns on how long it would take to review applications.

Online scratch cards are a hit in Spain as they offer affordable gambling opportunities for the hard hit Spanish people.
With scratchcards starting as low as 10p many Spanish see this as a chance to win huge cash prizes with very little cash layout.

The lucky gambling operators who obtain licenses are set to get a piece of one of the more lucrative online gambling markets in Europe.

It is important to point out that the new Spanish gambling laws were approved way back in May 2011 after much debate. The current online legislation creates a strictly controlled and regulated online and mobile gambling industry.

Already in 2010 The Spanish online gambling market was estimates were around the €465 million and many believe that this figure will grow to €680 by 2015 as a result of poker slowly entering the market.

The bad news for online gambling operators is the 25% tax rate that will be imposed on revenues which is considered one of the highest in the European Union.

Tax revenues from scratch cards are sure to boost the struggling Spanish economy. Many Governments are looking to income sources like scratch cards to boost their public funds.

The fact that scratchcards are affordable and accessible to all makes the simple scratchie a preferred option for many potential online players.

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