Mobile smartphones and tablet devices are increasingly replacing traditional cumbersome PC’s and laptops. With portable and smart devices online scratch cards have become available whenever and wherever we decide to have a flutter.

With most of us living hectic and stressful lives we can take comfort in the fact that scratching and winning is something we can control and manage from the comfort and security of our homes.

According to market researcher IDC there are dramatic changes set to take place in the computing world. According to a recent report the Windows based PC is set to decline in a dramatic way by the year 2016. On the other hand Android and Apple’s iOS are set to make up the gap and increase their market share.

The estimates are that between 2011 and 2016 the Windows based PC’s will drop from their 35.9% dominant share in 2011 to a low 25.1% in 2016.

Apple’s iPhones and Android devices are set for a rosy future and are predicted to dominate the market with iPhones and iPad. Android based devices are set to increase their share from 29.4% in 2011 to a dominant 31.1% share in 2016. Apple is set to rise from 14.6% share in 2011 to an impressive 17.3% in 2016.

With the cutting edge technologies of iPhones and Android Devices it is no surprise that many choose to play and win their scratchies primarily on their smartphones through one of the any mobile scratch card apps on the market.

It should be noted that shipments for smartphones and tablets will top 1.1 billion worldwide ths year. According to IDC this figure will rise to 1.84 billion units by 2016 which is almost double that of 2011.

Vice President of clients and displays at IDC, Bob O’Connell summed it up brilliantly,” Smart, connected, compute-capable [phones and tablets] are playing an increasingly important role in nearly every individual’s life.”

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