Online scratch cards are permeating many areas of our daily lives. Scratch cards have become a global favorite pastime as they are fun and lucrative to play.

The fact that online scratch cards come with many different interesting based themes are unique. I personally love the online scratch cards that combine my passion for sports.

Online scratch games like Goal Kick which feature football as a theme or Crazy Ball which feature bowling are instant hits with me.

A report in the Mirror indicates that online gambling firms may need to cut down on their TV ads in light of criticism leveled by MP’s.

MP’s like Dem Tessa Hunt pointed out the fact that there was over 36 hours of gaming and casino advertising a week.
There is no secret that the economic global situation is going through hard times and the UK is no different.

There are many households in the UK who are going through trying times.

Tesa Hunt commented,” At a time when there is £1.45 trillion of personal debt in this country and when we are encouraging people to be moderate in their expectations and behaviour, will the Prime Minister please protect consumers, children and the vulnerable from this kind of activity by asking for a review by Ofcom,”
Prime Minister Cameron voiced his concerns over what he termed the “aggressive” techniques employed by online betting firms.

We at scratch-fever support any measures aimed at making our online scratch card playing experience a better one.
The online mobile gambling revolution has made playing online scratch cards an integral part of our daily routine.

Never before has it been as easy as making a telephone call to start scratching and winning on our mobile smartphones.

Cameron added that the betting companies had responsibilities over and above the legal regulations. “Anyone who enjoys watching a football match will see quite aggressive advertisements on the television, and I think companies have to ask themselves whether they are behaving responsibly when they do that.”

Bookmakers like Paddy Power claim that their advertising techniques are aimed at being more entertaining and not aggressive as claimed by critics.

We are confident that online scratch cards will continue to entertain us and provide us with hours of winning entertainment from the privacy and comfort of our own homes.

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