Online Gambling In UK Worth Over £2 Billion In 2012

Online gambling in the UK is growing at an incredible rate. One of the many reasons for this is the established players in the UK market who are leading the way for other global interested parties. This has been made clear wit h many gaming companies launching real money gambling on social networks like Facebook in the UK as a first step in testing the international gambling waters.

A recent study by Stickeyes has shed some interesting facts on what the future for online gambling in the UK holds. The most striking figure is that the UK online gambling market was set to be worth more than £2 billion in 2012. This represents a 80% increase from that of the £1.27 billion in 2008. Interesting enough is the fact that Sports betting makes up the lion’s share of the pie with 45%. Casino games make up 23% followed by bingo with 17% and poker 15%. Football has seen the largest growth in sports betting with a 69% rise from that of 2009.

There is no ignoring the phenomenal rise of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones into our daily lives. This is showing in the fact that during 2012 the number of searches conducted via mobile devices rose by 75%. In another telling sign of the importance of mobile gambling is the fact that according to a survey by Mintel/GMi over 29% of online gamblers did so via a smartphone.

Another telling trend is that most of us still rely on major brand names when searching online. According to the survey over 62% of brand search volume is dominated by only 6 companies.  William Hill tops the list of searches with 19% followed by Ladbrokes and Paddy Power with 11%,Bet 365 with 10%,Betfair with 6% and Betfred with 5%.

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