The BBC features a fascinating story of Jamie Kenber, the elite fencing student who will compete in the London Olympics and his unique bond with internet poker.

Kenber admitted to supplementing his income he gets from the government with intenet poker and tutoring maths in his spare time.

Kenber however pointed out the similarities,” There are comparisons. In fencing someone might show you something and you don’t know whether they’re actually going to go through with it or if it’s just an early bluff.

That happens in poker as well. And if you think people are doing things for the wrong reasons you can end up losing. It’s no coincidence that I enjoy both of them.”

The Oxford graduate who is likely to compete at the London Olympics admitted that he supplements the funding he gets as an elite athlete with that math tutoring and playing internet poker.

Kenber said that while internet poker is not a reliable source of income but is a good method to supplement the tutoring,” I’m a decent hobbyist, but I’ve made a little bit of money from it. How much I play depends on how much time I’ve got.”

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