Bad news for the owners of Absolute Poker thanks to the Norwegian tax authorities (Skatteetaten). The tax authorities claim that there is an amount of $30 million owing in unpaid VAT from Madeira Fjord which allegedly is nothing but a shell company set up for the sole purpose of channeling funds to Absolute shareholders.

According to reports in Taxable Talk, Absolute Poker filtered over 430 million kroner of undeclared transactions through its own bankrupt shell company Madeira Fjord.

This news could have far reaching effects for American players who suffered as a result of all online poker sites being frozen and banned last year.

According to Taxable Talk,” “While this could impact Americans seeking refunds of balances on Absolute, it’s more likely that this is symbolic. Madeira Fjord & Absolute are bankrupt, & given the ongoing negotiations with the US Department of Justice it’s likely (but not certain) that player balances will receive a higher priority than Skatteetaten VAT claim.”

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