Online poker is legal in all parts of the UK except that of Northern Ireland. This strange situation may well be changing in the near future as there is currently an online Facebook campaign underway to change the situation.

Northern Ireland is about the size of the US state of Connecticut but with half of its population. Recently a group was created on Facebook petitioning that Online Poker be recognized as a game of skill.

Facebook is the biggest social network group in the world today. They recently announced that among their top 10 most popular games, there were three virtual gambling based games on the list.

Online scratch cards have long become one of the most popular social online gambling pastimes as millions of people all over the world share a common passion for online scratch cards.

The main binding factor for all us online scratch card players is the familiarity and ease of this unique format.

If they succeed in getting poker declared as a game of skill then it is possible that this legal change could have the effect of legalizing online poker under the governing Betting, Gaming And Lotteries Act.

Supporters of legalizing online poker believe that, “It makes no sense that games of chance such as bingo and slot/fruit machines as well as bookmaking are all allowed while poker, which is a game of skill requiring maths, game theory, psychology and more, is not permitted.

Unlike the rest of the UK, it is still illegal in Northern Ireland for a couple of friends to enjoy a game of poker in a safe and fun environment which could also create employment opportunities.

Proponents of the online petition further argue that there is no logic in the current situation where bookies are free to operate any form of gambling including bingo, fruit machines and lottery yet online poker is still not permitted.

Whether you choose to play online poker or online scratch cards, there should be no restrictions for those of us who choose to play online scratch cards in a responsible and regulated manner.

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