NHS Utilizes Scratch Cards To Fight Excessive Drinking

We are all aware of how prominent scratch cards are in many of our daily lives. They seem to be at every corner outlet and are an integral part of our routine shopping. It is for this reason that National Health System (NHS) in London is using scratch cards to help fight excessive drinking during the festive season.

NHS authorities have come up with the novel idea of issuing scratch cards at chemists whereby Londoners will be able to test their cognitive abilities by rubbing away silver panels on the scratch tickets.The proposed scheme will run throughout 500 pharmacies across London and is endorsed by the Metropolitan Police and NHS London.

Potential drinkers will have to answer questions which will give them an indication of the risk rating they are in. This innovative scheme has already been tested in and proven successful in Portsmouth. According to director of public health at NHS London, Dr Simon Tanner,” With this campaign we are offering people help in understanding how much they are drinking, so they can take action to protect their health and reduce the impact alcohol has on the health service and the community.”

The fact that scratch cards were chosen in this pilot scheme is well worth noting as they are a proven favorite with all of us.

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