New Study Helps Gambling Companies Understand Mobile Gambling Audience

Gambling operators are focusing much of their attention and expertise on developing the growing mobile sector. With players like Samsung and Apple developing high-end and affordable smartphones and tablet devices, the growing trend for many of us is to utilize these devices as a preferred choice over PC’s.

Mobile gambling is growing by the day and marketers are all too keen to get an idea of which economic groups use these devices. A new study from marketing firm The Search Agency and Harris Interactive show some very interesting trends with regards to mobile devices.

According to the research one might even be able to determine if a person is married depending on whether they use a smartphone or a tablet device. The study shows that 49% of single people used smartphones while only 43% of married people used them. When it comes to tablet devices the picture is different in that only 36% of single people owned  a smartphone device while 45% of married people owned a tablet device.

This study was conducted with over 2,000 U.S. adults in an effort to determine which device they primarily use to interact online. An even more interesting finding was that over 55% of smartphone users will use their devices to search online even if they are in close proximity of a PC.

The growing trend of many of us preferring the portability and ease-of-use of tablets and smartphones is causing many sectors like the gambling world to rethink the future of their marketing strategies. With devices like the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy III it is no surprise that many choose to have a flutter on their scratchies or pokies at their chosen time. These devices have fast closed the gap on regular PC’s and it is now possible to enjoy a mobile casino in the palm of your hands whenever you choose to play.

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