New Online Scratchie Pearl Shells Released From Scratchmania

It has been a while since we reviewed an online scratchie from Scratchmania. Their new release Pearl Shells looks like fun and it has a £100,000 jackpot. The premise of the game is basic, there are 4 shells in which the aim is to discover 1 or 2 pearls in order to win.

When you start playing Pearl Shells you get the feeling of looking into an aquarium with some amusing fish pooping up on the screen. The graphics are not spectacular to say the least but most scratchies are designed with simplicity in mind so nothing to worry about.

To start playing just choose your starting bet which can be anything from £0.5 to £10. The aim of the game is to find a pearl in 1 of the 4 shells.  Just match the pearls to the paytable in the left corner to see the prize you have won.
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