New Jersey has been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries with regard to passing legislation that would enable legal internet betting and sports betting.

As we all know the U.S. is in the process of regulating and legalizing online gambling and sports betting. The legal status of online gambling is currently somewhat unclear as in theory the Justice Department has opened the doors for legal online gambling yet still bans sports betting in all but four states.

Sports betting enjoys popular support as it is a social form of gambling that many millions enjoy. Many have pointed out that it would be politically easier for legislators to at first legalize softer forms of gambling like sports betting and online scratch cards.

These are just two forms of lighter gambling which generally are more accepted by the public as scratchcards do not bring with them the problems associated with heavier forms of gambling.

Another advantage of starting off with legalizing sports betting and scratch cards is the fact that in scratch games there is widespread appeal for all sectors. There is no specific skills needed and betting is affordable to all.

With anti gambling voices complaining about expensive types of gambling, the simple scratch card could provide an excellent solution to allowing online players to indulge in lucrative but affordable scratch card games.

It has now been left up to the individual states to pass legislation or wait for a federal ruling which will regulate and control the entire U.S. gambling market.

In the latest shot fired, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has said that New Jersey will defy the federal ban on sports betting and allow it citizens the chance to bet on basketball, football and other sporting games this fall.
Christie was speaking at a news conference which was discussing ways in which to boost Atlantic City.

He went to lengths to deny the claim that he intends to overturn the 1992 Federal ban on sports betting in all but four states.

According to Christie,” If someone wants to stop us, then let them try to stop us. We want to work with the casinos and horse racing industry to get it implemented.”
In response to questions if he expects any legal consequences he said,” have every confidence we’re going to be successful.”

At present sports betting is only legal in Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. Christie is looking to sports betting to aid the struggling Atlantic City casinos and has already signed legislation that legalizes sports betting at Atlantic City Casinos and at the four state horse tracks.

Legalizing spots betting enjoys public support and a poll in the fall showed voters were in favor of legalizing sports betting by 2-1.

With the U.S. economy in recession many millions are looking to challenge their luck and scratchcards are filling this need as they start from as low as 10c. The modern-day scratch games are nothing to sneeze at as there are scratch games like Super 3Wow that offer 1 million dollar scratch card jackpots.

It is worth noting that many experts like the Interactive media Entertainment & Gaming Association estimate online gambling at a $500 billion industry. Sports betting is seen by many as just the start to legalize full online gambling.

There is no denying that many millions enjoy social gambling like scratchcards and here is no point in trying to deny them the basic right to scratch and win whenever they so choose.

Gov. Christie like many others believes that it will generate millions of dollars as well as prevent cash dollars going to illegal offshore betting companies as well as organized crime.

Most straight thinking people believe that cooler heads will prevail and that legislators will legalize sports betting as well as other online gambling such as scratch cards. The only real difference between scratchcards and other gambling types is the fact that there is not a corner of the planet where the simple scratch card format has not reached.

This gives the scratch card gaming marketa distinct advantage over other forms of gambling as the universal appeal of the user-friendly scratchie is unrivaled.

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