The U.S gambling industry is in the process of being overhauled due mainly to the new legal developments regarding online gambling. Since the Justice Department reviewed its stance on the Wire Act of 1961 in December 2011, all has been changed as in theory the doors have been opened to legalizing online gambling.

Whether it be online scratchies or poker, the potential for growth in the lucrative U.S. online gambling market is unlimited. Scratchcards in particular are in a prime position to benefit form pending legislation legalizing inter gambling. For many Americans scratch cards and lottery tickets are the most popular types of soft gambling which are easily available at outlets all over the country.

With the online versions of scratchcards and lotteries, this will attract many more people to these user-friendly gambling options as they are affordable and require no expertise to start playing and winning.

One of the main questions is if it will have to be initiated by the individual states themselves or perhaps by the Federal government themselves.
At present is seems that each state will have to take up the challenge. It was only last week the state of Nevada became the first state to issue online gambling licenses to major gambling companies like Bally Technologies and IGT to mention a few. Other states like New Jersey, California are among the forerunners in pushing legislation that will legalize online gambling in their states.

Times are tough in the U.S. and completion is stiff between the states when it comes to their current legal state approved casinos. Each individual state has to offer potential punters something unique in order to attract and retain their customer base.

The state of New Jersey is well aware of this need and in an effort to attract new gamblers. The New Jersey Legislature approves the use of hand-held devices at Atlantic City Casinos last Thursday.

This technological innovation is not new and is already in use in Las Vegas. This in effect means that visitors to the casinos can gamble while sipping cocktail at the pool or anywhere on the casino premises.

This added feature for Atlantic Casinos would put them on an equal playing field as their Las Vegas counterparts.The trend of mobile devices in the gambling industry is present where ever you look. Online gamblers are looking for ways to not only enjoy their gambling more but are also looking to take control of where and when they decide to play. With mobile devices offering a solution to these issues, there is no doubt that more people will be attracted to traditional gambling.

Mobile scratch card apps are available with all major scratchcard sites. The chance to scratch and win with a touch of a button whenever you so choose is an option many cannot resist. For many of us time is money and the ability to control our scratch card gaming options is a major factor when deciding to utilize mobile scratch game apps.

Another key factor motivating the availability of mobile gaming devices is the need to attract the younger gambling generation. There are no young people who do not know what an iPad or iPhone is.
For the younger generation, portable mobile devices are the only option and any gambling concern that does not cater for this generation is bound to lose out in a big way.

States like New Jersey have adopted the sensible approach as in order to stay current one has to adapt to technological advancements. Whether it is traditional casino games or scratchcards, the mobile gambling option is here to stay and in a big way. The only question is if those gambling companies who choose to ignore this reality, will succeed in attracting new online gaming customers to their online sites or remain in the stone ages.

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