New 3-in-1 Casino Riches Online Scratchie From NeoGames

Casino Riches is a new instant win scratch card game from NeoGames. What makes this scratchie stand out is the fact that there are 3 games to play and enjoy in one single game. Multiple games equals multiple winning opportunities which is always what you want to see. The three games include an Instant slot, Instant roulette and Instant Craps.

Game 1: In the Instant Slots you get 3 chances to match 3 symbols in order to win.

Game 2: In The Instant Roulette Game yo need to match 1 Roulette number to any of the 6 numbers to win the relevant prize of the matching number.

Game 3: In the Instant Craps there are 3 chances revel dice that add up either to 7 or 11 in order to win the relevant prize of the matching dice.

In all the games you get the option of scratching manually of clicking “scratch all’ to reveal the lucky numbers automatically.

The graphics in casino riches are simple as is the way the three instant-win games play. The ideal of incorporating slots, roulette and craps into a multi-playing scratch card is a good one. Bets start from £0.50 to £10 and there is a jackpot of £100,000 up for grabs.

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