This week will forever be remembered as the week that the implementation and legalization of online gaming officially started in the U.S. state Nevada.
On Thursday Bally Technologies and IGT were the first gaming companies to be issued an online gaming license on Nevada.

Ever since the Justice Department changed their stance on the Wire Act of 1961 last year it has been an open invitation for individual states to take up the legal challenge of implementing internet gambling.

With the Nevada Gaming Board issuing these to licenses, they have officially become the first state to break ground in the internet gaming arena.

This milestone in effect mans that the likes of online scratch cards, poker, lotteries and bingo will sooner rather than later become a reality for all U.S. online players.

These licenses will enable IGT and Bally technologies to partner up with land based casinos and with them start offering online poker and online scratchies.

It is well worth remembering that revenues from Internet gambling have been estimated at anything from $35 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Many believe that this is just a tip of the iceberg as only about 37% of online poker revenues of $5 million come from regulated markets.

There is no doubting that the legalization of online poker and scratch cards would mean that current U.S. online players who spend money with overseas operators would now utilize their legal option to play within their own country.

Online scratch cards would without a doubt be an instant hit in the U.S. as millions already play the traditional scratchcards at their local outlets. The potential for online and mobile scratch cards in the U.S. after being legalized is mind blowing.

Added to that is the tough economic situation in the U.S. which ironically could play into the hands of the classic online scratchie.  Affordability and accessibility are synonymous with internet scratch games and this winning combination would surely make the online scratch card a household favorite for many Americans.

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