NeoGames Releases £200,000 “Ice” Online Scratch Card Game

NeoGames have just released a smoking hot online scratch card game called “Ice”. Don’t let the name fool you as you will be blown away by the jackpot prize on offer. Ice is a scratchie that offers you no less then £200,000 in two separate scratch tickets. It is has been a long time since we have seen a scratchie that offers such a massive jackpot and combined with the chance to win twice is remarkable.The way “Ice” plays is pretty simple. It resembles the regular scratch tickets we buy at our local stores.

In Game 1 there are 6 random prizes.  If you scratch and match 3 identical prizes you are an instant winner.In Game 2 there are 8 potential prizes. Here again all you need to so in order to walk away with £200.000 is to match 3 identical prizes.

With over £200,000 on offer you would think that entry scratch tickets prices would be expensive. Well think again as bets start from as low as £1 and go high as £5.
The look if “Ice” scratch game is not flashy and this could appeal to many traditional scratch ticket players who enjoy the simple paper scratch tickets we all know.

All in all NeoGames have a unique scratchie in “Ice” as they have upped the stakes with the massive £200,000 on offer. Providing no less than two chances to win this dream jackpot in a single scratch game is also another reason why “Ice” takes the prize for the highest paying scratchie from Neogames.

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