NeoGames Present “3 Card Poker” Instant Win Game

NeoGames power some our recommended scratch and slots sites. While many assume that they only offer scratchies and pokies there are also some high-end instant win casino games on offer. Three Card Poker is just one example of how sophisticated online poker games are made accessible to recreational gamblers who enjoy the instant win and scratchie format.

The moment you start playing Three Card Poker you are greeted by a live dealer which announces when bets are closed. To play Three Card Poker just choose your bets and click “Play”. In order to play you get the choice of playing an Ante Bet, a Pair Plus bet or both to begin playing.

The Ante bet must be equal to or greater than the table minimum. The Pair Plus must be equal to or greater than the table minimum. The Play bet is always equal to the Ante bet. The Play bet is a push if the dealer does not qualify. The Dealer qualifies with Queen high or better. If the player folds the Ante be, they also fold the Pair Plus bet.

Pair Plus bets are paid regardless of the dealer’s hand. Ante Bonus payouts are made regardless of the dealer’s hand. Although Three Card Poker seems complicated it is really easy to play and with bets ranging from £0.10 to £25 you get to experience the entire online poker spectrum The look and feel to this instant win online poker game is sophisticated and with the live dealer feature makes for a thrilling online casino game.

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