NeoGames Release “Deuces Wild” Online Instant Win Scratchie Game

NeoGames have added a brand new instant win casino based game called “Deuces Wild”. This original online poker based game is based on traditional poker rules with a deck of 52 new cards.

Deuces Wild takes place in the background of a “Sinbad” like desert theme where genies and a desert oasis surround you. This instant win scratchie like game offers multiple playing options and a enticing jackpot of £100,000. There are options to play anything from 1-25 hands simultaneously. There is even a “Gamble” option which is yours try when you win which adds to the playing pleasure. Bets are also varied as they can start from as little as £0.50 which ensures anyone can enjoy the excitement of playing this desert getaway online poker gaming option.

Like regular poker with Deuces Wild you can win anytime you  get Three of a Kind, Full House, Straight Flush or a Royal Flush just to mention a few.What makes Deuces Wild unique is that it brings online poker to the world of instant win scratchie type games where everybody is included. The graphics are excellent and with the exotic desert palace in the background playing this fantasy poker game is truly enjoyable.

There is even a “Wild” card which can substitute for any rank and suit to complete a winning hand. The Gamble feature offers you the chance to gamble your entire winnings or you can gamble half of your winnings. All you need to do is to choose the correct color of the cards which is either Black or Red. Here you get the option of doubling your money by guessing Red or Black or alternatively quadrupling your money by guessing the correct suit.

Deuces Wild is an excellent addition to NeoGames’ suite of online games as it takes instant-win scratchie casino games to a wider audience. Online poker is one of the most popular gambling choices and Deuces Wild is a fantastic eye-catching way to enjoy a user-friendly version of the game.

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