NeoGames is considered the global leader when it comes softer types of gambling lie scratch cards and lotteries. They have enjoyed much success since their launch in 2005. With their global partner network, NeoGames sells over 200 million online scratch cards and instant win gameson a monthly basis.

One of their stated aims is to assist national lotteries and gaming operators to benefit the most through softer forms of gambling like scratchies through their online and mobile environments.

NeoGames recently received another stamp of approval when they were granted as an Associate Member of the World Lottery Association. The WLA is a member-based organization which aims to further the interest of State-authorized lotteries.

Managing Director of NeoGames Shay Bar-Joseph stated,” We are proud and honored to become a part of the WLA family. For NeoGames it has always been important to become a part of a select quality group of approved vendors to the WLA members, as part of our strategy to assist lotteries globally in their challenging efforts to offer their products and services over the internet and mobile channels. Our market proven games portfolio, together with the vast knowledge gained during years of working with soft gaming players, enables us to play a significant role in the fast growing interactive lottery market.”

NeoGames power some of the leading online scratch card and slots sites that include, and just o mention a few.

The online scratch card and instant win game market have been revolutionized by NeoGames who have managed to bring a sophisticated yet easy to play scratchcard platform to millions of online gamblers looking for alternative to traditional forms of gambling.

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