National Lottery scrathcards are one of the easiest and most popular ways to have a flutter with no fuss involved. They are great to give and receive as gifts as you never know what prizes await you when scratching the tickets. The thrill of revealing dream jackpots is unlike any other feeling. The fact that these scratchies are available to purchase wherever you look only makes them that much more appealing.

We at scratch-fever often report on real life winners of scratch cards as it is always interesting to see how so many ordinary folk scratch and win huge cash prizes on a regular basis. The latest anecdote is one of a Quiz team in Douglas, Isle of Man, The group walk away with a whopping £100,000 after playing the Rainbow National Lottery Scratchcard.

The drama started when the Quiz team won the lucky scratch card as their prize for winning the evening quiz.The five strong Quiz team initially thought they had only won £1 and only after further scrutiny by another member of the Quiz team did they realize that the lucky scratchcard had just made them £100,000 richer.

One of the members of the Quiz team Christina Edge summed up their jubilation,” We just could not believe it. We thought we had just won £1. We had to check, double check and triple check to ensure what we were seeing was really true. We have had several small wins but nothing on this scale. I think the number of teams taking part in the quiz will start to increase now we’ve had a big win. Hopefully they’ll be as lucky as us and a few more people will be made richer as a result of the weekly quiz at The Manor!”

Each member of the Quiz team will receive a tidy sum of £20,000 and plan to use their winnings on paying off mortgages and even a dream Alaskan cruise. Scratchcards like the Rainbow scratchies are available to all as tickets are only a £1. The global phenomenon ofonline scratchies has made enjoying these classic games that much easier. With just a click of a button anyone can play internet scratch canes from the comfort of your own home. You now have the choice to decide when you wish to play.

With mobile scratchies becoming so popular it is even possible to whip out your portable devices like smartphones and tablets and try your luck. When deciding which online scratch site to play it is always important to ensure that the site is fully licensed and secure. All the sites we review adhere to the strictest security requirements and are all licensed by global gaming companies whose reputations are unquestioned.There are few gambling formats that give so many a sporting chance to enjoy the thrill of instant cash prizes that can literally change ones lives with such a small cash investment.

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