“Multi-hand Realistic Blackjack” Online Instant-Win Game

Online blackjack is always a thrill to play. What makes it even more pleasurable is when the graphics succeed in creating the mood of sitting in a live casino table. IGT have just released a new Multi-Hand Realistic Blackjack game that delivers the goods. What makes this version of online blackjack unique and worth a try is the fact that you get to play up to 5 hands simultaneously. There is also the option of choosing your own customized table, cards and even your preferred choice for the dealer’s voice.

The rules are simple as Multi-hand Realistic Blackjack is played with six regular cards of 52 playing cards. To be a winner just beat the dealer. Betting stakes start from as low as £1 and for the high rollers there is the option of playing up to £5000.

The rules are pretty standard and include Dealer must draw on 16 and stand on all 17’s.Split hands don’t qualify for enhanced Blackjack payout and Double Down receives one more card. All in all this version of online Blackjack is a high quality version of a casino favorite.

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